ZTE pretend to be #1 vendor in TD-LTE. Unrealistic

ZTE Corp. revealed on Friday that it grabbed more the 70% of the world's contracts of this kind in May. ZTE said it had worked with 33 telecom operators, in 19 countries, on deploying TD-LTE commercial networks or conducting trials / usa.chinadaily.com.cn

Let's check a bit. According GSA's July report, operators had deployed 9 commercial TD-LTE networks.

Australia, NBN Co. - Ericsson
Brazil - Sky Brazil - NSN
India - Bharti Airtel - NSN, Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE
Japan - Softbank Mobile - Huawei
Poland - Aero2 - Huawei
Saudi Arabia - Etisalat Mobily - Huawei
Saudi Arabia - STC - Huawei
Sweden - 3 - ZTE
United Kingdom - UK Broadband - Huawei

Well, and who is the #1?

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