Operators goes to LTE 1800

1800 MHz spectrum is used in over a quarter of launched LTE networks worldwide.  Use of 1800 MHz for LTE is also gathering pace – of 17 commercial networks launched since the beginning of May 2012, 7 were deployed with spectrum in the 1800 MHz band. \fiercewireless.com

A Profile of Spectrum Bands Used for Commercial LTE Deployments Source: Tolaga LTE Market Monitor 2012

Tolaga's Radio Spectrum Intelligence:

  • Where spectrum in the 1800 MHz band is unallocated, regulators need to consider its expedited release in the context of existing operator holdings and LTE plans. 
  • If unused or underutilized spectrum is identified, regulators may assess opportunities for its reclamation and reallocation, depending upon demand. 
  • Where spectrum re-farming or flexible use is not permitted in the band, such restrictions should be urgently revisited to allow for technological neutrality at 1800 MHz, and indeed in other legacy bands.


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