Huawei to bring LTE 450 for Brazil. 3GPP is to support?

Huawei and Brazil's MoC signed statment of commitment to develop LTE 450 technology. As expected it will help to deliver broadband service to people in remote and rural areas. Brazil will support initiative with tax exemptions. \fiercebroadbandwireless.com 

All four largest Brazilian operators has 450 MHz license, acquired spectrum (opted with 2.5 GHz) in June for US$1.4 billion. MoC predicted deployment of LTE 450 could raise rural wireless broadband coverage to 70% by 2014 end from current lower then 10%.  \fiercebroadbandwireless.com

3GPP not yet defined 450 band for LTE. In case of sucсess, some other countries may also be interested in this technology - Nordic countries, Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia. In that case we can expect to see migration from CDMA 450 to LTE 450.

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