Samsung to invest US$5 million in Stoke's SSX Gateway development

Samsung Venture Investment Corporation has made a strategic investment of US$5 million in Mobile Broadband innovator Stoke, Inc. supporting their accelerated penetration of the worldwide LTE market. \stoke.com

"Samsung has deployed and commercialized very large LTE networks and this proven experience in LTE deployments demonstrates the company's ability to support customers worldwide in this new era of communications," said Brian Kang, Senior Director of Samsung Venture. "We are excited by the market potential of Stoke's gateways to enhance and support the performance and value of differentiated solutions in the LTE space."

Used in LTE networks to secure voice, data and video traffic Stoke's SSX Multi-Service Gateway delivers unmatched IPsec processing capability together with eNodeB link resilience and high availability required for high-capacity, high volume mobile services networks. Stoke's secure eNodeB aggregation application, Security eXchange, is the current market leader in numbers deployed in live operator networks. Focused on delivering multiple critical, concurrent functions emerging between the LTE RAN and evolved packet core, Stoke SSX helps operators keep network device count down, while securing core network services and subscriber communications.

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