MTS will start its TD-LTE network in Moscow Sep.1

OJSC "Mobile TeleSystems» (NYSE: MBT) announces the launch of sales kits "MTS Connect" with support 4G/LTE and the beginning of the transfer of subscribers "Comstar WiMAX" from August 7, 2012.

In retail stores network in Moscow and Moscow region will be available 4G-modems "MTS Connect" (Huawei E392), which also provide high speed internet access in 2G and 3G. The cost of the "MTS Connect" with a modem 4G will be announced on the first day of sales.

When buying a package of "MTS Connect" mobile Internet users during a month will have access to the Internet through a special option "MTS Connect-4."

Internet access to LTE network will be possible from the September 1, 2012. Until this day, 2G/3G data services will be provided.

The package "MTS Connect" modem included 4G MTS, SIM-card with the tariff plan "MTS Connect-4" and one month of using the new option under this tariff.

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