Opinion: What is the best way for operators to price 4G LTE?

When it comes to monetising innovation, 4G LTE should be considered a pivotal opportunity.

Historically, operators have exhibited anomalous charging: every industry except mobile operators charges for speed.

When 3G launched there was a clear “go-to-market” pattern in most markets.

Prices per month were static or decreased, data allowances remained constant or increased – effectively giving more speed for less money!

So, how do you maximise revenue from 4G LTE?

There’s no general answer: as always, it depends on several factors regarding the operator’s situation and positioning:

  1. Internal perception of 4G LTE: is it driven by technology or marketing? 
  2. Data market maturity: what are your subscriber growth expectations? 
  3. Operator market position: are you a leader or a challenger? 
  4. Current 3G network utilisation: is it almost full or does a capacity surplus remain? 
  5. Brand promise/proposition: are you a value brand or a no-frills brand? 


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