Yota (Russia) announced limited launch of LTE-A Rel.10 in Moscow

Yota Networks today announced the launch of LTE technology Advanced on a commercial network (not to be confused by the words - it is not commercial launch). LTE Advanced will allow data transfer rate up to 300 Mbps for the subscriber device. At this time the technology has been introduced at the part of commercial network in Moscow.

Managing Director Yota Networks Yegor Ivanov: "we run LTE Advanced ahead of other global operators, because the Yota Networks enjoyed by subscribers of several virtual operators (MVNOS), even more acute challenge match network capacity growing consumption data. 
Introduction of the most advanced telecommunication technologies are the only way to accomplish this task".

The first consumer devices to support LTE Advanced will appear in Yota Networks lineup in the first half of 2013. By this time Yota Network plan to deploy the technology on all of its commercial network. Partner Yota to introduce Rel.10 is Huawei, which is the main supplier of telecommunication equipment for Yota Networks.

There is 11 base stations involved in the launch LTE-A in Moscow. So it is look like pilot network for me. 

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