Smart Mobile Backhaul enables success in LTE and LTE-Advanced networks

São Paulo, Brazil, press-release via LTE-depot — A hundred mobile operators have launched commercial LTE service, says the Global Mobile Suppliers Association. While others will have to follow soon to keep up with competitors, mobile users won’t settle for poor quality of service (QoS).

LTE and LTE-A networks provide gigabit-per-second speeds to mobile devices. But operators also need smart functionality in mobile backhaul networks to improve user experiences and reduce churn.

Tellabs Mobile Backhaul Solutions offer expertise, innovation and adaptability to make the move to LTE and LTE-A smart – comprehensive, self-organizing and simple.

Comprehensive set of tools that stretch beyond basic backhaul
Tellabs provides a scalable solution from small cell aggregation to terabit routing. Tellabs has increased capacities across its entire mobile backhaul portfolio. On a full duplex basis: 

Tellabs® 8611 and 8609 Smart Routers provide up to 7.5G
Tellabs® 8630 Smart Router provides up to 80G
Tellabs® 8660 Smart Router provides up to 240G
Tellabs® 8800 Smart Routers provide up to 360G
Tellabs® 9200 Smart Routers provide up to 5.5 Terabits.

Smart mobile backhaul calls for more than just transporting traffic. Tellabs Mobile Backhaul Solutions go beyond basic backhaul to provide intelligence, security and synchronization –built into a single mobile backhaul solution.

“Tellabs’ expertise, innovation and adaptability in mobile backhaul enable service providers to stay ahead of competition. Our customers can move to LTE and LTE-A cost-effectively and securely,” said Alberto Barriento, vice president, Latin America and Caribbean region at Tellabs. “Since 2005, when Tellabs introduced its IP/MPLS-based mobile backhaul solution, more than 160 mobile operators have chosen Tellabs. Some of these backhaul networks already deliver LTE services. Others are ready to evolve to LTE whenever operators want.”

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