4G LTE Wireless Broadband now available in Swindon, Southwark and Reading

Press-release. Residents and local businesses to be among the first to experience high-speed 4G wireless broadband

now Broadband, a service offered by wireless specialist UK Broadband, has today announced that its 4G wireless broadband is now available to buy for residents and businesses in areas of Swindon, Southwark and Reading. The networks provide residents and local businesses with the opportunity to enjoy superfast 4G broadband speeds for the first time in the UK.

now Broadband’s fixed wireless 4G LTE broadband service offers superfast broadband via a home router and, with no long-term contracts or no phone line required, users are provided with a flexible alternative to a fixed broadband connection.

“We are really excited to offer residents and businesses in these areas a unique opportunity to enjoy 4G speeds using our wireless networks,” said Nicholas James CEO at now Broadband. “Our services offer a truly flexible, hassle free alternative to fixed line broadband services – whether it’s at home, work or a customer WiFi solution.

“In terms of business benefits, this service can be either the primary superfast internet connection or provide the secondary or resilient connection to ensure that local businesses and organisations are connected at all times. Being always connected is now an essential requirement in today’s business and increasingly cloud based world. It can be extremely damaging if a business loses its internet connection. Wireless broadband provides a low-cost, reliable second connection as well as providing significant additional internet capacity to the business.”

now Broadband offers four packages suitable for home and business needs – from light browsing and email, to advanced packages suitable for on demand services such as TV, gaming and business applications. The new service is fast and flexible with monthly payment options, and no hidden costs.

now Broadband’s 4G service is available to residents and businesses in areas of Swindon, Southwark and Reading. To find out whether you can benefit from now Broadband in your area simply enter your postcode into the coverage checker: www.mynow.co.uk


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