Yota (Russia) postponed LTE start in S.Petersburg to Aug.31

The reason promotes is that not all WiMAX subcribers got LTE UE's replacement yet. New date of start is Aug. 31. Yota S.Petersburg WiMAX network's subscriber base is about 100 thousand connections. As press release told, there are 650 LTE BS installed in the city and nearest suburb.  Maximum DL speed will be limited to 20 Mbit/s.

Tariffs based on unlimited data usage models, price depends on the speed. Max speed (up to 20 Mbit/s) - RUR1400 (US$43.9) per month. It is possible to pay RUR9000 for 1 year of use, that is like US$23.5 per month or US$5400 for 1/2 year (~US$28 per month).
Subscribers can buy 2 hours of max speed for US$1.56 or 24 hours of max speed for US$4.70.


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