Sprint expands LTE to Baltimor, DL is up to 15 Mbit/c

Sprint officials showed off new 4G LTE cellular service today in Baltimore, the carrier's 16th market in the U.S. to get the technology.

Network Vision calls for Sprint to first deploy LTE over the 1.9GHz spectrum it holds, followed by the 2.5GHz spectrum at some point and the 800MHz spectrum later, Chu said. The 1.9GHz channel offers wide geographical coverage, which means Sprint won't need to add more cell sites or towers as additional subscribers buy and use LTE smartphones and other devices, Chu said. The 2.5GHz channel offers greater LTE capacity, while the 800MHz channel will help with in-building coverage.

Some more information about antennas, RRH, small-cells is article too. Vendors for small cells are: ALU and Samsung. Vendord for the main RAN - ALU, Ericsson and Samsung.


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