Drive-tests: Sprint 4G LTE Network Performance on the Moto Photon Q

Being the closest ATer to a Sprint LTE market (Atlanta, GA), I hopped in a car on Friday and made the nearly seven hour drive to Atlanta to test the Photon Q in its ideal environment. Raleigh, NC remains a Sprint 3G-only market for now, where I typically find speeds below 1Mbps (0.1Mbps - 1.5Mbps seems to be the typical range). As we've seen in our previous investigations of LTE performance on AT&T and Verizon, the move to 4G LTE can be significantly faster than HSPA+, and definitely compared to Sprint's EVDO. \\anandtech.com

The overall performance stats are below:
Sprint LTE Performance (Atlanta & Athens, GA)
Downstream5.98 Mbps0.094 Mbps32.6 Mbps6.06 Mbps
Upstream4.82 Mbps0.152 Mbps14.3 Mbps3.36 Mbps
Latency59.8 ms31 ms578 ms44.3 ms

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