CSL - only 7K LTE connections in 1 year

CSL Hong Kong using LTE 1800 (2x20 МГц) and LTE 2600 MHz launching at the end of 2010. LTE 1800 is mainstream for the company. Vendor iz ZTE with its dualband solution. Traffic growing by a factor of three year on year.

Christian Daigneault, chief technology officer, CSL:

“In Europe there is not enough competition. Here in Hong Kong there are five operators in a small market and the competition forces us not to stop. Customers are very demanding, so as soon as one operator [makes a move] then everybody else has to follow.”

Recent visits to Western Europe revealed the disparity in network performance, he says. “In the UK and France I was on EDGE very often, and you don’t see that in Hong Kong. We are now in a different league. We’re on 4G and already thinking about dual band and LTE Advanced, so the lag in Europe is becoming pretty large. It seems to me that, in some countries because of the economic situation, there are sort of agreements between operators not to deploy. And if nobody does it then there’s no pressure to deploy LTE.”

An important benefit of LTE 1800 for CSL, says Daigneault, is that it will be deployed more widely across the globe than 2600, opening up a better device ecosystem and improved opportunities for international roaming.

CSL and SK Telecom (S.Korea) already in LTE 1800 roaming agreement.

Only 7970 LTE subs as at June 2012


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