New LTE Antenna bandwith horizons

WiSpry, Inc. today announced it has demonstrated that its WS1033 LTE Antenna Tuner has successfully extended usable bandwidth on an LTE smartphone from 25 MHz to 180 MHz without changing the production antenna.

WiSpry showed that the phone modified with the WS1033 LTE Antenna Tuner had far higher usable bandwidth of 180 MHz (700 MHz - 880 MHz) , compared to < 25 MHz for the unmodified phone.

"The addition of the WS1033 extended the 700 MHz bandwidth more than seven times and enabled us to cover band 12 through band 5 with no change to the antenna element. With the many different LTE bands in use, this enables the creation of a true global LTE phone that consumers will come to demand" said Jeffrey Hilbert, president and founder of WiSpry.


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