T-Mobile LTE backhaul nearly complete

To accomplish this, the company began by building out its backhaul infrastructure, contracting with a wide variety of fiber and Ethernet providers. "We're close to being done with our backhaul program," said Dave Mayo, T-Mobile's senior vice president of technology strategy. "We think of alternate backhaul vendors as cable companies, power and light companies, even some local exchange carriers," Mayo said.

"Very close to finishing," Mayo said. "We have another couple of thousand sites to go, and a handful that we need to find an alternative solution for." Mayo explained that there are some towers for which there are no network fibers available and some of those will use microwave relays. Meanwhile, T-Mobile has already started its LTE deployment, but it isn't saying how far along that deployment is, or where the LTE sites are up and running.

Mayo noted that T-Mobile is eliminating the old T1 lines from its system, and that all but a handful have already been replaced with fast network connections. He also said that the company has nearly reached its goal of building out all of the sites it needs for LTE deployment. "Our aspiration is to have 37,000 modernized sites," Mayo said.


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