Sprint's first LTE MVNO Ting gets Galaxy S3

Sprint isn’t holding anything back when it comes to supporting its MVNO partners. Ting will not only get access to a device Sprint started selling only last month, but it will gain immediate entry onto Sprint’s brand new LTE network — permissions other carriers would never grant.

What’s surprising is that it’s happening so soon and that Ting gets immediate access to such a high-profile device. The S III has only been available on Sprint’s network for only a month.

Sprint has aggressively courted MVNOs, even going so far as to create a build-your-own-MVNO kit, which allows new virtual operators to come online as quickly as possible.

Ting flouts the typical carrier billing model by not requiring customers to commit to specific buckets of voice, text and data each month. Customers do sign up for tiers of minutes, SMS and data, but if they use less than their plans’ allotments in a given month, Ting credits them for the unused portions on their next bills. According to Noss, Ting’s savviest customers merely select zero in all three categories and just pay for what they consume each month.


But wait, there’s more! Ting also announced a pair of new phones on the roster. The LG Optimus Elite (in white) is now available, and both black and white version of the device are back in stock at under $200. The Samsung Transform Ultra is now in stock and costs $205; if you had the phone backordered, it will ship on August 6th.

Other new products launching soon for Ting customers include an “an LTE hotspot, a mid-range LTE smartphone, an inexpensive slider, an accessible phone for the visually impaired”, and a BYOD plan is also in the works.


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