South Afrika to get LTE. Soon

There are for operators in S.Afrika, which are dreaming about LTE. MTN is exploring the possibility of switching on commercial LTE 1800 (2x10 MHz) network within 2012.

8ta head Amith Maharaj recently said that the company is building an LTE network, but that it will take some time before they are ready for a commercial launch. Current estimates are that 8ta will launch its first commercial LTE services in 2013.

Vodacom said that they concluded their LTE trials quite some time ago, and as of May approximately 60% of their base stations were LTE ready. “The main thing we need in place from here is access to sufficient spectrum,” said Vodacom.

Cell C said it is not actively trialling LTE. “Our Radio Network equipment is LTE ready and can be upgraded to support LTE services depending on the spectrum allocated for trial and commercial service,” said Cell C.


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