Leap's LTE network delayed

Launch of Leap's LTE network will be pushed back to early 2013 and reach fewer people that originally anticipated. Leap will cut investment to its CDMA network as it focuses on LTE deployment.


Leap said it now expects to cover around 21 million POPs with LTE by the end of this year, down from a previous expectation of 24 million. Interestingly, Leap said it plans to roll out LTE "by deploying facilities-based coverage and/or by entering into possible partnerships or joint ventures with others." Such language could indicate Leap plans to team up with another carrier to deploy LTE instead of handling the buildout by itself.

2q2012 results:

  • 5.9 million subscribers (-289.000 to 1q2012; +2.7% yy)
  • ARPU: US$41.64  (+US$1.49 yy)
  • churn: 4.4% (+0.2% yy)
  • US$751.3 million service revenues 2q2012 (+6.7% yy)
  • US$31.6 million operating income 2q2012 (up from the US$12.3 million at 2q2011)


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