Events: 2012 China LTE & 4G Next Generation Wireless Networks Conference

Date: 2012-09-11 - 2012-09-12
Place: Beijing, China
Organizer: InfoEX-Worl Services Ltd.
Adress: 8 North Dongsanhuan Road, Chaoyang District,Beijing 100004, China

For More Information, please contact Mr Peter Lee at:
Tel.+852-2865 1118, Email: peter.lee@infoexws.com 
Within Mainland China, please contact Isabel Shi at:
Tel.+8610-6277 1798, Email: isabel.shi@infoexws.com

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2012 China LTE & 4G Next Generation Wireless Networks Conference offers an opportunity to get together with the best, brightest, and most informed experts to explore all the pieces and solutions in one place. The discussions are to provide a basis for policies, planning and decisions operators will be making in the days to come. Come discover what's new and make your connections with influential decision makers. Your time will be well spent learning and discussing key topics including but not limited to the following:
* National Policy on 4G and Next Generation Wireless Network development in China
Support policy and spectrum release plans for 4G/4.5G
* 4G trails/deployments and ecosystem development in China
Development plans, deployment strategies and major policy and commercial issues
* 4G and Next Generation Wireless Network deployment
- China Mobile’s migration plan to TD-LTE
- China Unicom’s deployment of HSPA+ and migration to LTE
- China Telecoms’ deployment of CDMA Rev B/C and migration to LTE
* Development insights and strategies of world largest 4G vendors and ecosystem stakeholders
- 4G Smart Infrastructures and Green Technologies
- Devices: 4G voice-centric handsets, smartphones, tablets, M2M devices, etc.
- 4G Killer Applications
- Development roadmap of 4G/4G+, e.g. LTE/LTE Advanced/WiMAX, etc.
* 4G opportunity in service innovations and new media development in China
- The new mobile internet services, applications, new media and business models
- Monetizing 4G services: innovative pricing strategies and models in 4G and Next Generation Networks
- The advocacy of cultural industry development in China (e.g. cultural innovations, new media, new digital contents, etc.)
- The emergence of 4G enabled ecosystem and adjacent players in China: Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba, etc.
- New digital content service providers in China: Youku, Tudou, Sohu, Diyi, Xunlei, Kuwo、Kugou Sina Music QQ Music Douban Xiami Baidu Music, etc.
* Innovative radiocommunications technologies, end-to-end network planning & management, and OSS in 4G or next generation wireless networks
-Cognitive radio and smart antenna
-EPC Core and All IP-based network
-SON and other advanced radio network planning and management features in LTE and LTE Advanced
-OSS (including COSS, BOSS and NOSS) support for 4G and Next Generation Wireless Networks for consumer analytics and insights, billing, service activation, fulfillment and delivery, customer care and management,
* Opportunities and challenges of heterogeneous networks
- Heterogeneous network planning and deployment issues, including radio and transmission backhaul network planning
- Interoperability and security
- Policy control and traffic management
- Quality of Service, quality of experience
* Roles of Cloud in 4G and Next Generation Wireless Networks
- Network resource management
- Operations management and efficiency
- Applications development platform
- Product and service delivery
- Customer service delivery and customer care platform
* Impact of policy and regulations in 4G and Next Generation Networks development in China
- Spectrum allocation and interference management, e.g. opportunity of digital dividend band (the UHF frequency band)
- Numbering and IP addressing (e.g. IPv6) for new services such as M2M
- Net neutrality
- Universal broadband service
- Infrastructure sharing
* Plus much more! 

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