GSA Status of LTE Ecosystem report: 560 user devices, almost 3 x number of a year ago

Download report via www.gsacom.com

Press release: www.gsacom.com/news/gsa_366.php

Recent reports and other additions to the GSA website which may be of interest are available via these links:

* Global LTE network investments (3-slides): deployments, launches: LTE, LTE1800, LTE TDD
* Status of the Global LTE1800 Market report (includes list of 42 commercial LTE1800 operators)
* Status of the Global LTE TDD Market report
* MAP: LTE TDD Investments Worldwide (commercial network launches, deployments, trials, studies)
* Global HSPA+ Network Commitments report: 254 HSPA+ commercial networks launched in 118 countries
* UMTS900 Global Status report: 57 commercially launched UMTS900 networks in 39 countries
* HSPA Operators report: 506 commitments, 482 commercial networks; 102 DC-HSPA+ (42 Mbps) in service
* Operator Viewpoint: Spectrum management for IMT (Telefonica presentation)
* Operator Viewpoint: Are property rights important in spectrum management? (SFR presentation)
* 1000x Challenge - Spectrum Innovations (Qualcomm presentation)
* Operator Viewpoint: Telstra Goes 4G (presentation by Mike Wright, Executive Director, Telstra)

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