Spanish cable operator ‘R’ trials innovative 4G services in Galicia using LTE solution from Alcatel-Lucent

Press-release, via LTE Depot. Region steps closer to 4G connectivity for residential users in urban and rural environments as well as for hotspots in hotels and convention centers

Madrid, Spain, March 14, 2013 - Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU), and Spanish cable operator Rhave conducted a trial of 4G technology advancing a further step for next generation entertainment and communication services such as on demand video, catch up TV and nomadic internet connectivity.

Licensed for 4G spectrum at 2.6GHz with 10Mhz bandwidth in 2011, R is analysing the full potential of new technologies to maximise its customer offer with this investment. Via groundbreaking LTE technology, Alcatel-Lucent is working with R to test the suitability of LTE in urban and semi-rural areas, for providing services such as business VPN and Internet access, residential fixed wireless access and wholesale connectivity services such as backhaul to mobile network operators.

Key facts:
Providing LTE coverage in three areas of Galicia with FDD and TDD macro cells.
End user field testing has achieved a solid 50Mbps download speeds as well as a consistent experience for nomadic and mobile users
Alcatel-Lucent’s IP solutions capabilities for optimizing infrastructure shared by mobile and business networks were also tested


Arturo Dopico, CEO, R said: “R has always embraced new technologies to provide innovative services with the guarantee of fiber quality. The trial with Alcatel-Lucent shows how LTE can be used along with other technologies to usher in a full array of services to homes and public spaces like hotels and conference or shopping centers - from TV everywhere to high-speed Internet and new entertainment and communications services.”

Roque Lozano, CEO, Alcatel-Lucent Spain said: “Alcatel-Lucent has deep-rooted expertise in delivering latest technology solutions to meet the needs of cable operators across the globe. By working closely with R we have been able to verify LTE as a viable technology in the different business models that many service providers are contemplating.”

About R

R, the Galician fibre optic communications operator, has been deploying its own network in Galicia for more than a decade, offering businesses and homes advanced communications services including telephone, high speed Internet, multi-channel interactive digital television – services where R is leader in the areas where it can compete – as well as mobile telephony . R is today present in 90 Galician council areas where it has more than 305,000 customers, and has invested 900 million Euros so far in this project for Galicia.

For more information www.mundo-r.com 

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