GSA Evolution to LTE report: 163 commercial networks launched; 415 operators investing in LTE

This latest update of the GSA Evolution to LTE report confirms 361 firm LTE network deployments are planned or in progress in 114 countries, including 163 networks which are commercially launched in 67 countries. MVNOs are excluded. Multi-band networks are counted as one network.

A further 54 operators in 10 additional countries are engaged in pre-commercial LTE technology pilot trials, tests or studies.

Taken together, it means that 415 operators in 124 countries are now investing in LTE.

Market outlook: GSA forecasts there will be 248 commercial LTE networks in 87 countries by end 2013.

LTE is the fastest developing mobile system technology ever and is now mainstream. The total number of LTE subscriptions reached 68.33 million in Q4 2012.

74 operators have launched commercial LTE1800 (band 3) systems in 43 countries either as a single band system, or as part of a multi-band deployment. 1800 MHz is the most widely used band for LTE deployments globally. LTE1800 serves millions of subscribers (Q4 2012 = 14.27 million) on over 45% of commercially launched LTE networks today.

The next most widely used band for LTE deployments is 2.6 GHz (50 networks i.e. over 30% of networks in service).

15 LTE TDD systems are commercially launched (within the total of 163 commercial networks) including 6 that are deployed in combined LTE FDD and TDD operations.

The Evolution to LTE report, which covers both FDD and TDD modes, is researched and published by the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA), and provides a concise update of the business drivers, objectives and targets for LTE - Long Term Evolution and the evolved packet system, standardized by 3GPP and now in commercial service and mainstream, including network operator commitments and deployment/launch plans, trials, the growing eco-system including device and platforms availability, spectrum requirements and developments, 3GPP standardization activities including LTE Advanced, and more.

Published April 7, 2013, by GSA, via LTE-Depot


Number of LTE commercial networks worldwide: https://sites.google.com/site/ltedepot/home/country 

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